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Vietnam beaches: Hoi An's best beaches

Vietnam has some big beaches. The beach near Hoi An is 45km long & sretches from the Bonn Estuary south of Hoi An to Monkey Mountain north of Da Nang. The Hai Van Pass at the top leads to Hue. It's a nice tour if you're up for a full-day adventure on a Minsk. Hoi An Motorbike Adventures

Cua Dai Beach, the main tourist beach for Hoi An has a good selection of beach resorts, river resorts, boutique hotels & local amenities: internet, laundry, swimwear shops, seafood restaurants & an ATM. Sunrise over Cham is spectacular after a beach party at Hoi An Beach Club located on Cua Dai Beach.

Arriving at Cua Dai Beach from Hoi An on Cua Dai Rd, turn left to Da Nang or right onto the sand bar which leads to the mouth of the Estuary of the River Bonn & the public ferry to Cham Islands.

An Bahn Beach is an easy 2km bike ride north from Cua Dai Beach. A sleepy fishing village: a handful of bars & seafood restaurants. Hoi An Yoga do sunrise yoga classes at La Plage Beach Bar on An Bahn. Popular with Hoi An locals & expats alike, An Bahn Beach is more chilled out compared to Cua Dai.

15 km north on the coast road to Da Nang, is, Ha My Beach & the super 5 star Nam Hai Beach Resort. After another 10km at the foot of Marble Mountains is Non Nouc Beach or China Beach Vietnam.

China Beach, featured in Apocalypse Now is one of the more famous beaches in Vietnam: helicopters, surfing, napalm in the morning. Hoa's Place is a cool backpacker hangout & the heart & soul of China Beach Vietnam. The best surfing spots near Hoi An are China Beach or Cua Dai beach/estuary.

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An Bahn Beach

30 km to Da Nang, 5km to Hoi An on Hai Ba Trung. Hoi An local beach: bamboo seafood restaurants & bars. As yet no hotels or resorts on An Bahn Beach

La Plage Beach Bar on An Bahn is a cool hangout with good food, comfy chairs, pool table & free wifi.

Hoi An Yoga do sunrise classes at La Plage Beach Bar & late morning classes in Hoi An Old Town.

Tuyet's Restaurant on An Bahn Beach is a favorite spot for a cheap beer and some grilled seafood.

China Beach

Vietnam beach photo of an overdressed woman taking a walk on China beach Vietnam

aka Non Nouc Beach. Hoi An(28km) Da Nang(7km).

The only resort on China Beach, Vietnam is Sandy Beach Resort: reasonable prices & private location.

Budget accomodation: Hoa's Place. Cheap beer, tasty springrolls, internet, laundry & motorbike rentals. Taxis can be ordered.

Local industry is marble carving. Marble Mountain is surrounded by marble workshops. Eric Kappeler's Hoi An showroom is world class: Hoi An Art Cafe

Cua Dai Beach

Vietnam beach photo taken from Mama Ly beach restaurant on Cua Dai beach Vietnam

Main tourist beach: all the amenities. Hoi An (7km), Da Nang (35km).

Beach resorts on Cua Dai are excellent value. Here's a list Cua Dai Beach Resorts

Budget accomodation: Phu Thinh II, Cua Dai Rd, With nice rooms and a swimming pool this is a good location for Hoi An Old Town & Cua Dai Beach.

Hoi An Beach Club, Cua Dai Beach: cool daytime hangout & hosts the Hoi An Beach Party

Ha My Beach

Vietnam beaches this Beach photo is taken half way from Hoi An to Da Nang near the Nam Hai on Ha My beach

Quiet beach: Hoi An (13Km), Da Nang(27km).

When the Nam Hai Resort opened, Forbes ranked China Beach Vietnam "among the world's most luxurious beaches". Vietnamese would call this area Ha My Beach.

The Nam Hai Resort has seriously high end beach houses, Each house comes with its own buttler

Ha My beach: one of the quieter Vietnam beaches.

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